fatigue is a relative term

  • never been this tired (both mentally and physically) for the longest time
  • this week is a complete bullshit
  • did you really expect that i was going to talk to you?
  • still on hiphop mode music wise
  • i need to buy slacks and undershirt for the wedding of my sister next weekend
  • i think i never had that much likes on a facebook picture
  • i also need to finish my wedding message for a close friend since i can’t attend the wedding
  • the latest update of the wordpress app is a good thing
  • most probably chaos will still continue until the upcoming week
  • doing a semi-marathon of the 3rd season of house of cards
  • i want to play with the little neice but,i’m fucking tired from the trouble that was called saturday
  • fucking want a massage right now
  • being at work on a sunday feels strange
  • excited to play and spend time with the nephew and neice from canada
  • i must survive all the work related shit in order to enjoy the weekend getaway next week

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