are you sure that the feeling is mutual?

  • all i did this month is make schedules for students because things didn’t went according as planned.
  • if you paraphrase the song somewhere down the road, most probably you are not already happy with your current relationship.
  • joined my first 7k fun run this month.might join a 10k or 5k next week.
  • will try to learn to use chopsticks.
  • got to hang-out with some old college friends last night.
  • i think the term sunnies is really stupid.
  • still can’t find a download for welcome oblivion which includes the 2 vinyl tracks.
  • current music favorites: the bug, msmr, chvrches, the prodigy (1st 2 albums), squarepusher (the mid-late 90’s albums), noisia, stars.
  • not sure if i could add more to this post later.
  • adios

but wait, there’s more…

  • the mass in our parish is not that organized as before.
  • facebook is a bad place to ask for music recommendations.
  • resisting the urge to download the new yeah yeah yeahs album leak.(will wait for a higher bit-rate version)
  • i think the new phoenix album will also be out next month.
  • hopefully my stomach will cooperate tomorrow so that i could go to my usual brisk walk/jogging route.
  • i think that is all for now.
  • til the next post.

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