list of the things that happened and events/things that i liked/hated during  the year of the so-called apocalypse.

  • lost some drinking buddies because of work.
  • all the reissued albums from the 90’s.
  • the january trip to cebu.
  • what could have been a change in relationship status that was just a hoax.
  • the year i officially became an adult because of credit card debts.
  • new deftones, how to destroy angels, bloc party and up dharma down.
  • the small pay increase.
  • the weekend exercise.
  • still expanding musical taste.
  • last two weeks of the braces.
  • nasty asthma attacks and leftover impacted wisdom tooth.
  • getting annoyed with a very lousy 3-5 song playlist.
  • the so-called end of the world not happening.
  • enjoying recent discoveries like deathgrips, battles, the radio dept., japandroids, hella and the joy formidable.
  • making some changes on my room.

i guess, that’s all. happy christmas kids!!!


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