the long weekend

  • was planning to post last week about alternate versions of myself.(will get to that someday) 
  • got to hangout with some friends who i seldom drink with and seen for quite a while.
  • saw a band in which the singer does some james brown type of moves and the most current song they did was rearview mirror by pearl jam.
  • formulated a theory that one of the signs of the apocalypse will be me or two of my friends will be in a relationship.
  • i need to buy a ketchup dispenser.
  • for some strange reason i lost my nike hipstapak.
  • needs to do some work related shit starting tomorrow.
  • will either watch videos on youtube,finish season 6 of weeds or start watching breaking bad.
  • a friend is planning to set me up with her friend.
  • adios!!!

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