will be back to regular programming soon

i will change the usual format of this blog only for this post. there are somethings that i really have to let out. so here it goes:


hey you,

we both know that i usually ignore or avoid you whenever our paths cross. the reason that i ignored you is because there were a shit load of questions that were left hanging  before. i didn’t ask you those questions because  i was hoping that you would be the one to openly explain those said questions (i was hoping that you knew the questions that i wanted to ask you.). you didn’t say anything and i decided to leave those questions unanswered.

a year after( i think) of not seeing each other, our paths have once again crossed.i still ignored you for the most part of the night, but during the end of the night i started to talk/interact with you more. our friends are trying set us up again. you played along i just laughed at those questions. after that night we started sending messages again to each other.i asked you out and you agreed. i was thinking maybe we could start all over again or just continue where we left. this past few weeks have been really great for me. i appreciate that we got to spend my birthday together.

then last night happened. you finally told me everything, the reasons for the non-answers a few years ago. you wanted my company but you can’t commit to what i want. right now i really don’t know if you enjoyed those times that we spent together or it was just lip service so that you wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

because of what you told me last night, i’m at a crossroads right now. a part of me wants to be there for you until you get over it. the other part wants to just let you get over it by yourself.

i also want to ask you this question: do you really want to be with me or am i just a temporary fix as you try to move on?





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