a rainy march afternoon

a few weeks ago i was planning to make a post. because of laziness and the urge  to do nothing it didn’t happen. so the following things happened since my last proper post:

  • almost everyone in our family owns an apple product.
  • skullcandy is not for me.
  • we transfered to another cubicle at work.
  • been walking up and down 3 floors every hour for almost 2 weeks because the elevator at work is broken.
  • traveling while tipsy is a bad idea.
  • people still think i’m a bully and an asshole.
  • ignoring those people who think i’m a bully and an asshole.
  • if we try it again,will it work this time?
  • i need more money.
  • i hate being sick.
  • the new mars volta album is kinda strange.i need more time to listen to it.
  • waiting for game of thrones season 2.
  • is thinking of a new series to watch when house finally ends.
  • sometimes just because is a nice answer to things.

til the next post.adios


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